Search Engine Optimisation by STUDIOHIG 

Who are we?

STUDIOHIG or ‘Studio Higher In Google’ is a website of marketeer and commercial photographer Vincent Hartman and is a tradename of STUDIOVHF.

Screenshot of STUDIOVHF’s Scottish website

Why do we do this?

  1. We thoroughly enjoy seeing the search engine positions of your key-words creeping up, because we know that that will start bringing in the leads that you want. We see the SERPS-league a bit like a sports competition.

  2. It is a very tangible and measurable way of marketing that brings in hard cash for you as well as us. It makes perfect business sense.

When did it start?

Experience in cold-calling, channel marketing and general marketing communication led to the start of a small sales and marketing consultancy firm in 2009. Proven and conventional methods like picking up the phone and networking, quickly got us of the ground. For the commercial photography side of the business however, these methods were rather inefficient as advertising agencies and marketing departments of larger corporate companies had strong relationships with existing photographers and studios.

The split-up of private photography and commercial photography with a new website

Only when there was a change in relationship or when there was a need for a certain discipline that was missing they started looking for other photographers. And that is where SEO came in. On average 16% of the turnover came in via the website and some of them became repeat customers, directly contributing to the growth of the business.

An ever changing industry

It is doubtful how important experience in SEO is, as the methods used back then are definitely a no-go today. At least we can say that we have learned what to do and what not to do and we can put changing algorithms and techniques into perspective.

Today we work with professional SEO software and various tools to do research and to measure progress. On a daily basis, we follow the latest trends and updates in the SEO industry to keep up to date and plan ahead.


What can we do for you?

STUDIOHIG is a hands on digital marketing agency that helps you with your inbound marketing strategy and execution. On average 2/3’s of web conversions will result in an order.

An average position of 2.86 for the 15 top key-words in Google, resulting in a considerably better click-rate in comparison with the direct competition


  • SEO

  • Content creation, with the help of internal and external people

  • Webdesign, in-house or in co-operation with external webdesign companies

A high % of visitors via organic search in combination with content matching user intent, will result in web leads. A website that does the networking for you.

Typical SEO project stages:

  1. Target market analysis.

  2. Research of search behaviour and keywords

  3. Competitor analysis: which sites currently rank on those keywords in a certain geographical areas and why?

  4. Webdesign and content creation based on the outcome of the research above.

  5. Zero-point measurement

  6. Website launch

  7. Creation of social media accounts and/or the creations of regular posts

  8. The build-up of trust and authority of the pages on the web.

Who do we work for?

SEO is a labour intensive job and when done correctly will get you long lasting results. There is no such thing as quick fixes.

  • We mainly work for B2B websites and B2C sites in SMCG.

  • The company behind the website has been going for a few years and has the resources and back-office staff to help to get the project of the ground in close co-operation with us.

  • As you can only support one team during a match, we won’t work for competing websites.

  • We will only take on a project after thorough analysis and research of your industry and website(s) and if we feel that there is a clear business case.